Medical Malpractice

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Americans trust doctors more than just about any other profession in our society, and rightly so. They spend years training to do the incredibly difficult job of protecting our health and wellbeing. However, with that trust comes great responsibility, and sometimes even the most talented physicians can make mistakes. Medical malpractice can result in severe, permanent consequences, and therefore, doctors are expected to follow strict protocols of behavior known as the "standard of care." If you or a loved one has experienced a so-called "bad outcome," our highly trained and experienced attorneys can help you make sense of your medical records. Our lawyers can put your mind at ease that you received the highest level of possible care, or that those who failed to meet that standard are held responsible.  

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In New York, the statute of limitations (or the time before you'll be legally prevented from starting a case) for medical malpractice is shorter than for any other type of negligence. If you even suspect that you've been injured by medical malpractice, call us immediately so that we can discuss your case with you before the chance is gone forever.